Tutto bene!

Adults Italian Course

Tutto bene! is not just a new course but a whole new way to learn – fun, addictive and highly entertaining.

Learn Italian by listening, speaking and laughing

Tutto bene! is an entertaining and comprehensive multi-level Italian language course for beginners, uniquely designed for both the classroom and a high degree of independent learning.

Based on the communicative approach, the course comprises a combination of components in a range of media.

Tutto bene! books

Each level of the course comprises a book with ten self-contained yet progressively linked lessons.

Each lesson is carefully structured to introduce new language via an episode of the sitcom series followed by graduated conversation practise, ranging from limited to more open-ended dialogues where students apply the language they’ve acquired.

Learn by laughing

In the Tutto bene! sitcom series we follow an almost-normal group of friends through their quotidian ups and downs living and working in Rome and on holidays in other parts of Italy.

Learn by speaking

The app delivers the Tutto bene! course in an interactive mobile format allowing maximum learning flexibility. It is both a vibrant alternative to the classroom for wholly independent learners as well as a rich resource for classroom students to further revise, consolidate and practise.

Each lesson comprises an episode of the Tutto bene! sitcom series followed by vocabulary building, speaking, listening, pronunciation and writing activities and culminates in a quiz. There is also a grammar reference for each lesson.

Start learning Italian today!

Tutto bene! is a fun way to help you speak
and understand Italian in no time!