Avanti Tutta! Teacher's resource​

A self-standing Teacher’s resource kit with full access to the e-platform.

With 18 downloadable categories, including videos, teacher’s guide, a wealth of assessment tasks and songs plus 4 card games, 4 board games, an X-Zone extension pack and a course index.

A wealth of resources related to the vocabulary and language of each chapter


Indovina chi?
Capitolo 5

An information gap activity focusing on describing people

Il gioco dell’oca
Capitolo 6

Answering questions and giving opinions

Il gioco dell’oca
Capitolo 11

Expressing likes and dislikes

Il gioco dell’oca
Capitolo 14

Describing animals
and objects

Capitolo 15

A pad of 80 disposable cards focusing on revision and expressing likes and dislikes


Capitolo 4

A card matching game
focusing on adjectives

Troviamo l’oggetto
Capitolo 7

Vocabulary learning focused on articles and nouns

Giochiamo con la grammatica
Capitolo 8

Categorising nouns by their gender and articles

Domino dei Superlativi
Capitolo 13

Making sentences using
the superlative


A pack of 15 full-colour x 4 pages, extending and further challenging students


Highly-engaging downloadable formative and summative assessments for each chapter

Teacher's resource downloadable materials

  • Ideas on how to use the course
  • Audio and karaoke of the songs
  • Audio of the Filastrocche
  • Audio of the Ascoltiamo
  • Scripts of the Ascoltiamo
  • All the Benvenuti in Italia videos
  • All the semi-animated cartoons as full stories
  • All the semi-animated cartoons as a paused version for repetition
  • Fumetti in gioco – line illustrations of the cartoon stories
  • Listening Assessments – audio
  • Listening Assessments – scripts
  • Workbook solutions
  • Assessments
  • Assessment solutions
  • Rubrics
  • Student self-reflection sheets
  • 3 sets of giochiamo cards (for view only)
  • The Australian Curriculum grid
  • The Victorian Curriculum grid
Avanti tutta!

Avanti tutta! Textbook and Workbook

Explore the associated textbook, workbook and starter course for year 7 and 8.